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D. L. Landis Trucking

D. L. Landis, Inc., is a commercial trucking company based in Willow Street, PA. Serving all regions of the 48 contiguous states, D. L. Landis continues to be a leader in the trucking industry, providing many of the services you need such as: operational transit time standards by lane, continuous load tracking, specialty load handling, and experience with just-in-time delivery.

With an average of 10-15 years driver experience, you can trust D.L. Landis to handle all your trucking needs. D. L. Landis has the equipment you need as well: 44 tractors, along with numerous van, flatbed, stepdeck, double-drop, and stretch RGN trailers. Average equipment age is less than six years!

Call today to see how D. L. Landis can serve your trucking needs! (888) 464-1303